ActionTiles as Rachio Dashboard

I just started messing around with ActionTiles to give me a comprehensive view of all my connected devices (lights, switches, thermostat, temp sensors, irrigation controller, etc…)

Here’s two variations I currently have for representing my irrigation zones by tying Rachio to SmartThings and then displaying via ActionTiles on a tablet screen (plan to mount to wall to display this sort of info and other IoT dashboards). I used some blank tiles to try to get all the tiles to be placed where each zone is relative to the house.

Alternate color scheme:

That’s really cool @wx16! What happens when you press a zone?

It will run that zone for X minutes, where X is configured in SmartThings.
I just added a tile this morning that shows whether or not the Rachio is currently running a zone, even though it is a little redundant since the zone currently running will change icon color or tile background color.

It’s off-season for watering the lawn, but I think this panel will be fun to glance at when it’s running all the sprays in sequence with cycle/soak.

The whole ActionTiles project started last week when I backed a Kickstarter for Konnected, which is a circuit board you can connect to wired door/window sensors to gain the ability to
see their status via app/web interface. The circuit boards won’t ship until Feb, so meanwhile I’m getting acquainted with ActionTiles and making panels to display the status everything else in the house. It makes for a nice visual interface when you want to verify you closed the garage door. :slight_smile:

Very cool! If you have some time we would love to see a video or gif of your tiles in action!