Actionable Analytics


You guys have made a rock solid product. Keep it going!. It’s been over a month and my biggest fear was that Rachio will loose connectivity at sometime with my Airport Extreme, since it is housed outside the home. But no -never. Don’t we all need such solid reliability!?

Ok - Not sure if this has been asked before as I could not find it with a quick scan of all the topics- But my use case is that I need granular control over what the Rachio does- especially given that I have a gradient on the lawn so the station with 4 nozzles at the bottom of the gradient needs much less water than the other station at the top- I can do this and adjust with the heat wave we are having now in AZ. The lawn has never looked better- So my suggestion is this- Rachio has data about the location, temperature, date, time, activity completed and of course settings that were in effect for every station. So next year, same time or maybe a month later, if the Rachio cloud can detect a match with all these variables, then the user should be able to just re-use those settings- this is real intelligence that can be used again and again. Of course you can have a setting that goes from manual to auto-intel or whatever cool term you want to call it. Now imagine how many different ways this analytics can be actioned upon. The more the variables (relevant ones), the more precise is the application and a consistent result. Even if the user is allowed to store this data locally it would be of no use, to manually read and apply etc- it should be from the cloud and applied directly to Rachio

i have you taken a look at flex schedule? i call them flexies because it saves some typing here and there.

i think this is closer to what you are looking for. it is not a reactive heuristic as you indicated in your post but more of a proactive prescription of 50 years worth of academic study in horticulture. it is a series of algorithms that track how much water is available in your soil. once this drops below a threshold the rachio replenishes the soil and you are good to go.

i have really high hopes/expectations for this feature. i imagine it will take the rest of this season to iron out 90% of the wrinkles but i personally feel this is the best approach (i have been beta testing this and it is pretty cool). heuristics are good if you lack a mathematical model of your problem domain which is not really the case here. well, having said that im sure a heuristic or 2 linger in evap rates as you need to choose 1 of multiple tables/estimate methods.

but take a look around the forums for some explanations on flexies…there will be much more detail coming out in the next few weeks.