Accounting for seasonal shade change


At this time of year in North Carolina it seems that on some of my zones the daily shade pattern shifts quite dramatically with the lower sun angle and path. I was wondering to which extent weather intelligence might account for that, at least from a Lat/Lon viewpoint? But then there of course is also the shadows which depend on the specific local circumstances like tree lines and where the house sits on the property. For the moment I just decreased the shade level in the zone settings, assuming this would be necessary. Is there a more scientific way to do it?
As always I am very interested what others do. Thanks!


I believe it’s all purely based on what you input for the zone. If it’s changes throughout the year, you’ll need to update the zone based off current conditions. Check out below for determining which setting…


Thank you @Modawg2k , this is exactly what I am doing too. A few years ago I was involved in a large scale aquaculture farming company, where we used complex models to account for the seasonality in irradiation intensity and dose for optimal plant growth. So I was wondering if similar algorithms get used for our yards :slight_smile:


Yeah who knows what goes on behind the scenes, but we are on the hook for adjusting the timing of shade. I don’t mess with it because it’s all sun, all the time for me :slight_smile:


I would adjust the amount of sun or shade, particularly if it is a cool season grass like Kentucky Bluegrass or fescue. It’s getting closer to seeding time for cool season grass.


thank you and I agree, @robertokc, and yes, it is fescue with reseeding scheduled for late September. I was originally wondering, if there is a “magic calendar day” depending on latitude, where one should switch to more shade. But it looks that common sense is required, no problem with that.

Also, deep down I hope that @franz and team will have a cool reseeding flex algorithm ready during germination, so us newbies don’t have to invent complicated schedules on our own :wink: