AC adapter for Hose Timer

I would like to buy the hose timer model but need to power it via AC adapter rather than batteries. Rachio chat told me Rachio has one is available but couldn’t tell me a part number to order it. I don’t see any adapters for sale separately and the hose timer description says nothing about it. Anyone using AC successfully for their hose timer?

@purson - I have a hose timer. The batteries are behind a screw cover to keep out moisture. There is no external connection for a plug in adapter. I think the chat may have been confused with what you were seeking. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

It would be pretty easy to wire up an external source, harder but doable to make it weatherproof but why mess around? I haven’t had the Rachio hose timers very long but with my other brands the batteries last a couple years under regular use.