Absolute first schedule

My clients’ controller was installed Tuesday and the first watering was programmed for Wednesday and Saturday on Fixed scheduling. It dies not water it (no teardrop iconj on Wednesday). Why no water?

I am a landscaper and have 30+ systems shared to me.

@febiii Can you private message (click on my name and message me) the email address of the controller that was installed?


@febiii Reviewed your customer’s schedule. It looks like since you have your Wednesday and Saturday schedule set to “end by sunrise” and it is 448 minutes (along with other schedule zones compounding more time) it actually has to start on Tuesday night to meet your requirements. “End by sunrise” can cause display issues if it can’t start the same day. If you choose a fixed start time it will have a better chance of starting on the intended day. Hope this helps.



How does someone water for 7 hrs (~448 min)?

There are a bunch of zones in that schedule and it adds up fast. I have tree zones with drip and each water around 230 minutes.

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