About to chuck in the trash...not updating soil moisture

I’m about to Chuck this thing in the trash. It ran last night, but still shows 0% today. If I go into the details it shows 69%. But it must be using that first number for the schedule, because my flex schedule shows it’s going to run every day for the next two weeks, at only 10 minutes per day. On top of that, it’s somehow changed from watering in the morning last year, to watering at night this spring. Support was worse than useless. Anyone else have issues with it not updating the moisture properly and then overwatering as a result? Or have it do lots of short runs instead of a deep run? None of this happened last year, so I’m guessing that there was a software "upgrade "over the winter that broke a bunch of stuff.

I find sometimes there an issue with the DISPLAY of the Soil Moisture, with it taking some time to update all of the soil moisture values across the app. Sometimes I can force an update by quitting the app and then re-opening.

I think you can also force an update by swiping down when in the zones screen.

I tried that, but it didn’t seem to update the soil moisture display.

Nope, tried that, still shows 0% and daily waterings, even though it ran yesterday, and the details show 69%.

What time is your next watering scheduled?

That I changed, so it’s tomorrow morning. And every morning after that for two weeks, which is absurd.

Gladly throw it towards my bin !!!

Can you post some screen shots of your moisture graphs or something so we can get a little bit of context?

Sometimes the soil moisture display does not update properly until after midnight, in my experience.