Ability to skip a specific day of the week in Schedule

My landscaper comes in on a specific day of the week. It would be great if there was a way to add a day (i.e. No watering on Monday) to the schedule. The predictive model would adjust watering duration and time accommodate the skip day(s) of the week.

Are you using flex Daily? If so, click on the schedule and you’ll see sections like Name, Type, Color, Interval, etc. Click on Interval and deselect the day you want to skip.

Yes, I am using Flex Daily schedule. I am not seeing the interval option in the app. Running v4.16.1 on Android.

Must be an issue with the Android app. It is in the iPhone app. But you can still do it by going to the web app. Rachi Web App

Nah, it’s there in both, but this is one of those little programing nuances that probably could/should be addressed. When you set up a schedule, you have the options of “any day”, “specific days”, or “even/odd interval”. Once you have set up a schedule for any day, it kinda gets locked in there. The only way to change that is to rebuild a new schedule and select “specific days”.

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I don’t have to rebuild the schedule on an iPhone. I can deselect a day or days in the Interval section within the schedule.

Are you saying that even if you deselect a day, it ignores the change?

The Web app also didn’t have the option to pick interval days. I was however able to pick the days by recreating the schedule.


Not sure why you couldn’t see it on the web. The photo I attached above is from the web app.

Because you most likely set it up the first time as “specific days” and just happen to have all days selected. I’m on Android, and if I create a new schedule using specific days, I can always go back and change those days. If I set one up up using “any day”, it doesn’t give me the option to go back and select certain days. It has been that way for as long as I can remember.

So for maximum flexibility, always create the schedule with specific watering days, selecting every day of the week. That way in the future, you can easily make changes in the watering days.