Ability to map zones out

I think for the person who has gone to this level of controller I would love to have advanced feature where I could upload a lot plan or draw one and then place my sprinkler heads and different drip components on the map to show th3 zones to scale. It would helpful information to have for future changes to system. I imagine someday the sprinkler heads themselves will get smarter so you might get to a flow manger to each head for use. Thinking way ahead here that this along with moisture sensors would help to get water to the right locations and suggest how to address dry spots.


Are you asking this based on New Construction? You can always do a cup test and adjust accordingly. No amount of smarts can equalize a dry zone based on coverage, but conventional methods might cause one to adjust a sprinkler head.

No, more from an F&E of doing some cool things. I have home automation software that allows me to add a floor plan and place fixtures for controls purposes. So rather than snapping a picture of a zone, how about a layout of your irrigation system, showing how the lines are run, where the heads are, where they spray, etc. When you think about it, you install your irrigation and forget about it for the most part (maybe more so with Rachio). Do you know where all pipes are? do you remember? It would be a super cool features, and total bling and eye candy, to show more, even do to water flowing in an animated way. Think of how the Prius shows how it is charging or using battery power. Plus this mapping becomes your record. Sell your home, the new owner gets a lot more details. I had to rip an entire system out where I am living now, so I know where stuff is, but I had a busted pipe it would have taken a long time to find. Now I am getting ready to sell my home (company opportunity to move) and I will make sure next owner gets the Rachio and all information, but it would be nice if that was stored on line with the app. Again, suggestion only, future thinking. I imaging as water resources get more constrained more technology will get down to the head level for sprinklers. Future proofing is good. And I work in Change Management so I look at things like UX and UI.

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I did a pipe and head layout in MS Paint a few weeks after I installed my system. It won’t win any graphics awards but its very useful.

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