Ability to configure the starting day of month for reports

I like the reports tab on iOS app.

Can you provide a way to set the starting day for this report instead of 1st of a month (which is what it is doing now)?
If my water billing starts at 25th of a month, I like to track that window instead of the 1st-30th schedule that it tracks now.

Can you guys move the reporting functionality to your web application?
Usually reports is something you want to look at on a big monitor. I prefer looking at them from browser on my desktop or laptop computer than the app.
As you have more real estate, I bet there are lot of creating things you can do with these reports. Like date filters, zone filters etc.


Isn’t all the reporting functionality already on the web app? I just checked it, and I see all the same reports, except that I really like that I can get minutes as well as gallons on the web app (the minutes are missing from the IOS app best that I can tell, and right now I prefer to see minutes over gallons).

Under Water, just click on Watering History. They are a little different in that you have to use the mouse and click on them to get a more detailed report.

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