A tweak to make history easier to read

I have a 2nd gen Rachio 8-zone controller and use the Android app on a Pixel 2.

I find the history section of the app to be long and slow to scroll through. After recently setting up a 3rd gen Rachio for my mother, I’ve learned that she also does not like scrolling through many pages to find relevant info.

There are probably several ways this problem could be approached but one possibility that jumps out at me is to just put a single entry in the history log for when there is an event such as a schedule start. If the schedule includes many sub-events (start, stop multiple zones running, multiple cycles), the user could touch this one event (schedule started) and it would expand to show all the sub-events. This could reduce the number of entries in the list and make the history easier to browse.

Thanks. Love the controller and app! So does my mom.


I Like this Idea also.

I agree with the suggestion collapse history entries. It’s confusing to read as it’s currently implemented.

I would also suggest making history available on the calendar. Simply don’t disable the calendar sections or remove watering icons for past watering. You could darken/lighten the historical part of the calendar to maintain visual separation. I think the calendar is the most intuitive way to view and understand a past watering schedule.

That’s a good idea. History would also be easier to read if events were displayed in a logical order, for example Zone A started, Zone A ran, Zone A ended… then move to Zone B; rather than Zone A started, Zone A ran, Zone Zone B started, Zone A ended etc. In fact start, run, end events should probably just be combined into one event once completed to say Zone A ran for 10 minutes from 12:30 to 12:40.