A setting to skip for previous rainfall

I have an Ambient WS-2902 in my backyard, registered with Weather Underground. My Rachio 3 uses it exclusively (at least I thought). It has no capability to predict rainfall. Yet I receive notifications that my system will skip scheduled events because my station has predicted rainfall at or above the threshold in settings.

I live in central Florida. The national weather shows bands of storms thousands of miles long sweeping across the country. In Florida they seldom occur. Our weather comes from two directions, the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. We get random cells that move according to whichever has the most energy behind them. It’s not unusual to see torrential rainfall all around us while we’re basking in sunlight. Other times we are the recipient of the deluge while others remain dry.

I suggest a setting whereby the user can set parameters for a skip if X number of inches of rain falls within Y number of hours (12/24/36/48/72) before the next regularly scheduled event. Instead of a guess (AI or otherwise) at future rainfall, this would be based on actual historical data.

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You can’t put a time to it, but you can change the threshold for how much rain…

The rain skip lets you set an amount but there’s no way to know how far into the past it’s effective. I’m guessing 24 hours. The ability to set duration (24/48/72) hours will prevent under or over watering.

Thanks for this question. Also in CFL, and the rain “prediction” is useless. Even the weather guys don’t get it right.