A rotor out of place

Gear drive rotors are usually reserved for large turf areas, with a typical 25-35 foot spacing. See how this contractor installed a rotor in a five foot space.

What would you do to solve this?

Is it on a zone with other rotors?

Yes, a row of 7 rotors. All nozzle screws are turned down all the way. This is at a homeowner association.

Well, you are kind of stuck with that. If you know the pr of the head you could move that to the middle and match it up with a rotator head, but it’s going to be very hard to find a spray head that wouldn’t drown that section on a rotor runtime schedule.

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I gave a recommendation to the HOA to install two rows of pop up sprays for the five-foot strip between the curb and sidewalk. They will be 30 psi heads with Toro Precision Series side strip nozzles. These nozzles come in both male and female thread. They have
another zone with 16 foot width from edge of sidewalk to fence. Here there will be two rows of Rain Bird RVAN 18 rotary nozzles with 40 psi pressure regulated heads. This zone currently has one row of 5000 Series rotors that does not provide matched precipitation. The pressure is above 80 psi, so pressure regulated heads are a must.

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