A Rain Skip when it hasn't rained?

I live in Reno, NV and it hasn’t rained measurably in months, yet Rachio has has issued two rain skips in the last 10 days.

Last night I got a rain skip notification. It said 0.48" of rain was recorded at weather station KRNO (5 miles away). Curious to see if they got rain at the airport (the location of KRNO), I went to their web site (http://w1.weather.gov/obhistory/KRNO.html) and no rain has been recorded for days.

So why is Rachio issuing a rain skip?


It looks like a weather station wasn’t specifically chosen (or it couldn’t retrieve data from KRNO at the time for 8/21) so there was data from KRNO (8/20) and PWS_E3826 (8/21). PWS_E3826 had the .48 inches of precipitation.

It does look like KRNO is explicitly chosen as a station so this shouldn’t happen again.

Let us know if you see any other data discrepancies.


Do I understand you correctly that if Rachio cannot connect to the designated weather stations (in this case KRNO), then it looks for a PWS?

Not unless you have enabled that setting by at some point have selected a PWS. Your account now looks like it will only use KRNO.


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