A plugged in Rachio causes slow leak?

Hello, I’m trying to figure out if this is even possible and I’m hoping someone can give me some tips on how to diagnose without ripping up my whole yard. This is pertaining to a Rachio2.

So, my city has a wifi water meter that monitors my flow and constantly sends me emails when I use to much water, or it detects a constant flow and possible leak.
Last year starting in March we built a pool, so I unplugged my Rachio until the pool was done.
When the pool was finished, I started getting constant flow alerts from 6-12 gallons an hour. I had the pool people tearing everything apart with the auto fill trying to find the issue and they never could.

In December my rachio hit a power spike (or something) and turned off and I didnt realize until last week that it was off. A quick call to support and they sent me a new power block. I plugged it in monday Night at 7pm. The next morning I got my first constant water alert in a long time. I looked at the logs and at 7pm I started getting 6gph logs every hour.
The thing that leads me to believe the rachio is involved is I had nothing weird after Dec (once it shut off). I had nothing weird from March-Oct as the pool was built. However, I had leaking from the time the pool was finished and rachio was turned on to Dec when the rachio died and from Monday night to ongoing.

When the rachio is powered is it creating some kind of current that possibly is partially opening a valve or something? Is there a wiring issue at my Rachio or maybe 2 wires touching that shouldn’t? I don’t notice any crazy wet spots in my yard but that doesnt mean much.

Am I crazy and there is no way a powered Rachio system could create a leak? Why does the leak stop when the Rachio was powered down?

Not sure how it could affected, but maybe you can figure it out. Plug it in and see how long it takes to get one or two alerts, then unplug one zone at a time to maybe figure out which zone may be causing an issue.

Just an update… I found the problem. My landscapers drove a spike through my main water line. When I used my sprinkler the line pressurized and slowly leaked out over time until the unit was activated again and repressurized the line. This answers the question of why it was only leaking when the Rachio was plugged in. If I wasnt running the system then there was no water in the line to leak.

Great detective work