A "little map" help?

I’m hoping for some help with the mobile app map. It seems near impossible to actually use - I can’t seem to create zones on the property with any level of accuracy, let alone add nozzles where they should be.
Is there an easier way to do this??

Some do the map on a larger tablet or emulator on their computer. I wish I could import a KML (Google Earth) that I keep my map in.

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The good news is you don’t really need it. Grab a tape measure and carefully (to the nearest foot) measure the area of each of your zones and enter the value. This is a one-time task whose results never change. If your property is covered with trees or shadows, it’s impossible anyway.


I was a lucky one . . . Google took aerial photos when I have the trenches open and unfortunately no trees. This has proven very helpful in many instances when I have split zones, etc. It was easy from there to create a KML.

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