A little confused about Weather Intelligence and a PWS

Hi all - I have a 16-zone Gen1 and an 8-zone Gen3 (yep - using all those zones!). I recently installed a PWS (Ambient Weather WS-2902C). (Pretty cool product BTW). I’ve enrolled it in PWS, Ambient Weather and Weather Underground.

Well, the Gen3 can see it and uses the weather data, but the Gen1 can’t see it. The Gen1 has (under Weather Intelligence>Weather Station) a toggle to “Use PWS,” just like the Gen3 has. But even with that toggled on it doesn’t see my WS. Whereas the Gen3 does.

Is there something I’m missing? Why wouldn’t the Gen1 see the PWS just like the Gen3? Is there something new in the “Intelligence Weather Plus”? Or am I just not doing something right to point the Gen1 to my PWS?