A Few Thoughts/Suggestions

Been using my Rachio for a bit over a month and really like it. Also appreciate the responsiveness and interaction of this community. Anyways, here are a few suggestions/wishes I would like to see at some point (sorry if they have already been mentioned before).

  • Offering “flexible” or “dynamic” start times. This is probably similar to other posts that suggest a “finish by” time, but would basically allow a flex schedule to turn on when needed on a given day (i.e. I hit allowed depletion at 3pm and therefore start the cycle during the next available watering window). Currently we set a fixed start time for flex and this may not run for 2-3 days due to watering restrictions (stupid California). This would also work with the ability to set allowed watering times (in addition to allowed days) as mentioned here: No Water Option When Sun Is Out
  • I have an attached Soil Moisture Sensor. It would be nice to have a category list to choose from in the setup menu that lets us choose from options like: None, Rain Sensor, Soil Sensor, Other instead of Yes/No. This would make alerts and emails more accurate when they say “Schedule skipped due to attached X Sensor”.
  • Option in the app (or maybe IFTTT) to delay/pause an active cycle when a certain temperature threshold is reached. We could set the option to delay watering if “current temperature is > X degrees”.
  • I’ve been trolling the forums for a few days and see a lot of good suggestions. It would be nice to have a single page/post that displays the roadmap of features that Rachio is planning to implement. This could have a list of in progress updates/features, planned features, features in consideration, and wish list (when we have time) features.

Thanks again for all the work you guys are doing to make this product the best.

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Hey @bhochenedel,

Thanks a lot for the time and thoughts. We really appreciate it, and thrilled that you like your Rachio.

You’re not alone in wanting some of these features. We’ve got them down and are reviewing them. I can’t promise anything, but we’ll let you know if they’re getting developed on the forums.

Regarding a single post on updates and features, we’re a pretty agile team, so our priorities change rather quickly. Having a single post is probably not likely as we don’t want to over promise features and then not deliver. @franz is pretty great about posting updates when we know them, and we really appreciate the interest in future updates.

Have a fantastic day!

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god i wish the iro could work with that, im so damned fired up to install one it makes my wallet hurt. i feel this integration would provide the most robust solution to many problems i see here on the forums.

it would not be hard to plot water applied and moisture levels in the soil to determine the most effective watering strategy for the yard with minimal user intervention…sure it takes a month or 2, but learning behavior would rush future sky net overlords and i cant wait…