A disabled zone turned on, and at an odd time?

This morning I received an alert that my garden started to water on my fixed schedule. My enabled zone is on flex for that zone, and the fixed was a supplemental afternoon schedule that is currently DISABLED. Why would it be watering if it’s disabled, and not even at its scheduled time?

Are you certain its running the disabled schedule and not just that the active schedule has that zone running on its own?

I thought at that at first, but the alert definitely said it was running my fixed 18 minute schedule. Here’s my history which says that as well. Quite odd.

Another screenshot showing Fixed as disabled, but Flex on at 5am.

I could see Flex starting late as my Lawn ran this morning, so the garden had to wait. However, it shouldn’t have run a later afternoon Fixed schedule, and should have run the longer morning Flex instead.


The first one is free :wink:

You have an IFTTT recipe that started the schedule.


I’m curious if something is causing the schedule names to just get mixed up your watering history seems to be using both schedule names in the notifications. Looking at the end of your fixed schedule it looks like it wouldn’t have even started until 5pm given that something else wasn’t running already to push its start time back.

@franz Oh my, am I embarrassed! I forgot that I was playing with an IFTTT schedule that triggered based on a temperature over 110F. I guess it worked ! I’m so sorry for the trouble, I know how busy you are.

@azdavidr We really need to add more metadata in the activity feed around how the schedule was actually triggered (i.e. manual, scheduled, IFTTT, other…). On our TODO list.