A bit frustrated with the Weather Station options

Hi All, I have been using Rachio Gen 2 for 2 years now. I am in Orange County CA and the closest “official” weather station is about 6 miles away at John Wayne airport. The problem with that station is that Rachio cant read precipitation off of it. Never could. Even though if I click on the station the precipitation data is there. Maybe its the format they use that is not compatible with Rachio? https://w1.weather.gov/obhistory/KSNA.html

Anyways, 6 miles may be too far anyways for our micro-climate area. So I have been using a local private station instead. But it stopped reporting recently. So now I am stuck unable to use a good station for my Rachio. When I look on https://www.wunderground.com there are like 30 stations all around me with good reporting, but none of them show up in Rachio interface. is there some way I can add them?


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What is the WU station ID of the one you like / would prefer to use?


Gene, I sent you a private message. I dont want to blast to the internet my exact location. Thank you.


I would be interested in Wonderground.com for my Gen. 2 and my other clients. I live in the same vicinity as Duxa. My Wonderground station is SolVista.

Could not found your station (link), can you paste the full URL of the station you wish to connect to Rachio?


It is called Weather Underground. Let me know if I sent the information you requested.
Thank you.

This is what I would like too.

Great, the station ID (KCAWESTM9) was at the end of the URL you’ve pasted.

I’ve added it to pwsweather (link), so be on the lookout for PWS_KCAWESTM9 within Rachio in a few hours.