8 Zone unit availability?


I finally received a Rachio 1st Gen for Christmas and I am so excited to get on board. However, since I have no need for a sprinkler system for at least a few more weeks, and in light of the Gen 2 release, I returned it with the intention of purchasing the Gen2.

I have only 5 zones, with an option to add another at some point. I have read that you will be releasing an 8 zone unit sometime, but do you know when this can be expected? I just want to be realistic with my expectations, and if its not in the plans, I would like to know.

Thank you!


We are actively working on 8 zone, it’s looking great, will be ready by Spring!



Thanks for the update! So by “spring” do you mean March 20, as in the first day of Spring, or just Spring in general? :wink:


We have a date we are tracking to, but I hate to give hard dates out, since hardware is hard.

Let’s just say we are targeting early Spring.



I completely understand. Thanks for putting up with my annoyingness. I will keep an eye out for that release. Thanks!


Is there a tentative release date for the 8 zone gen 2?


@Ericm @CH-Johnson, we’re still tracking for a spring release. So anytime between now and the first day of summer :wink:


We just submitted our app to the Apple store to support Gen 2 and the manufactured 8 zone units are looking good. Barring any unforeseen roadblocks we are targeting April.

The team has pulled off a Herculean effort to make this happen, we are very excited for it to start selling!



Thanks for sharing this information , i am eagerly waiting on the 8 Zone , generation 2 version. very much keen in saving water utilizing Rachio technology. is there a mailing list we can get by for the product or keep checking the community for updates.


I will definitely post here when it is available :wink:



I am a new user, well will be when the system is installed Saturday. I am about to purchase the Gen 2 16 zone unit at my local HD but I am reading a newer version with 8 zones is near. Should I buy a cheap get me by controller for now and get the new 8 zone unit “this spring”? I would hate to spend $250 on the 16 zone (only need 6) and the newest unit comes out next month. Any advice would be appreciated.


IMHO I would wait :wink:

Barring any unforeseen roadblocks we are targeting April and the software to support it is already finished.



Thank you for the response. That was my original thought since it’s so close. Any suggestions on a controller that will get me by in the meantime?


Soon to be new customer, looking forward to this!!!


Will there be a new outdoor mount for the 8 zone, or will the 8 zone fit in the mount for the 16 zone as well?



Identical enclosure. Gen 2 8 zone has same shape as 16 zone, just half the zone connectors and some other minor details.



Franz, the 8 zone Gen 2 when will be the release date? I’d like to purchase it now so I can get the rebate and complete for this months project.




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