8 zone or 16 zone Rachio?

Should I purchase the 8 zone or 16 zone Rachio? We are having our existing sprinkler system repaired on Friday and I want to purchase Rachio for the installer to install for us on our existing 8 zone system - however, we are going to expand the system to 16 zones next Spring for a massive landscape design. So my question is can we purchase the 16 zone now even though we only have 8 zones? Will it work ok?

Thank you!

Yes, 16 makes a lot of sense since you are expanding the landscape design and this will make sure you are covered. It is very easy to disable zones so they do not appear in the app until you need them.

“Massive landscape design”, sounds exciting :wink:


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To add to @franz, here’s a support article with instructions on how to edit your zones. If you go to the bottom of the article, you’ll see the screenshot with options to “Set Up Zones” or “Hide Disabled Zones”

Hope this helps!

Best, Emil

Thank you so much! I’m going to order it now!

I thought the same thing and bought the 16 zone landscape my entire house and maxed out at 8 zones. Each zone is capable of handling (depending on your water pressure of course) up to 1000 square ft area. Do the math. :wink:

You won’t regret it. I have a similar situation. Currently have 8 zones and intend to expand with more zones next year. I picked up the 16 zone controller and love it!!

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Yeah I got the 16 zone one was just delivered! Going to hook up later tonight.

We have a 15000 sf lot so we do need more than just 8 zones.