7 Flow Meter Installations, Check!


Looks AWESOME @though! :slight_smile:

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Are the connectors to the meter copper shark bite type fittings?

@SDR - the wireless flow meter is made out of ABS (not PVC) plastic. The Shark bite connectors can be used to join that to copper pipe. I used the Orbit PVC Lock connectors to connect my flow meter to the PVC pipe in my installation.

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what is the purpose of the shutoff valve after the flow sensor ??
looks good, thanks for sharing. my setup is 1" copper, should be easy enough!!

@JS_racer, yes yours will be a piece of cake.

The reason for the shutoff is, that’s the only 1" PVC to 3/4" copper fitting that Sharkbite made at the time. Probably still is…

Got ya, thanks
Say, is the 1 inch copper Id or od?? My I’d is larger than a 1 inch wrench, didn’t measure exactly how big, 1.25?