5 wires 6 zones on previous controller

Hi, I’m trying to figure out how to wire my Rachio 3. On my previous controller there were only 5 wires but 6 zones. Not sure how to transfer this over. I’ve attached a picture of the previous wiring


@jermz - It looks like only 5 zones were in use as there is not a wire connected to zone 3. There are wire doubler devices that can split a zone off an existing wire due to a wiring break. Does any water come out of a sprinkler when zone 3 is run when sequentially stepping through all the zones?

Move the white wires to the Rachio C terminals and the zone wires to the corresponding Rachio terminal. Ignore the 24 VAC Power line and the loopback connector on the yellow terminal (probably rain sensor).

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Hmm, you’re right, never paid attention, zone 3 doesn’t turn on during the cycle.