5 bottles of thrive?

Not sure if this is the correct location, but I have a question on the Thrive application.

First - I’ll say that it works. I live in SW Denver and have clay and clay loam soil. I’m about to apply my 4th application of Thrive and my yard has never looked better. The ground is soft and the grass is green. I haven’t fertilized since the first application (before thrive) and it hasn’t needed it. I usually apply fertilizer 3-4x per year based on the CSU Extension program recommendations. If I missed an application, my yard starts to dry and get brittle. Not this year and it’s been a hot year.

Anyway - my questions. My kit came with 5 bottles but the application only references putting it on the lawn 4x (I’m applying the 4th bottle today). What do I do with the 5th bottle and if I can keep it for next year can I get a reduced order next year of 3 bottles to even it out?

Second question - should I apply a fertilizer application this fall for the winter? When will I need to apply fertilizer? How much nutrient does the ground hold before I need to supplement?

Anyway - I was honestly pleasantly surprised with the outcome of Thrive. Yes, it’s expensive, but in my case it works.

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Same here. 5 bottles and only 4 applications. Seems like I could of saved some money if they only sold/shipped me what I actually needed?

I guess the good folks at Rachio don’t monitor these forums? I was hoping for someone to chime in…

Thank you for the great feedback! Sorry for the late response. Answers to your two questions:

  1. Why did we send you 5 bottles when you were only able to apply 4?

Some seasons are in theory (agronomy) long enough to apply 5 bottles; we sent 5 bottles to customers in those longer seasons. We have learned from customers this year that 4 bottles is actually enough for all climates. So next season the annual replenishment kits will contain 4 bottles (and be priced as such). We’ll be notifying customers about this change soon.

There are some options for your extra bottle from this year:

  • If you are still mowing, left over bottles can be applied now to strengthen your roots for the winter.
  • If your season is over, you can use your extra bottle(s) at the start of next season. You can change the next shipment date in-ap.

Additionally, a booster replenishment will be offered next year for customers who found that they do need more than four bottles. We’re overhauling the in-app experience to make controlling your subscription much simpler and easier next year.

  1. Do you need to fertilize for fall?

The short answer is no. We’ve been sampling lawns nationwide all season and the data confirms the science that Lawn Champion is based on, which is that a regenerative microbiome fed with microalgae, is nutritionally self-sustaining.

The long answer is maybe. If you have been seeing very general lawn health issues that are unrelated to irrigation, heat stress, or disease, then you could perform plant tissue and soil nutritional testing (We use Waters Agricultural Labs for our testing). If that testing shows that both are depleted, then your lawn might need a boost. This does not sound like your case. Stay tuned for some innovations next year to address this kind of problem.

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