5/18/18 Android app crashes every time I try to open it

Anyone else having this problem? Had to reinstall the app in my phone and now it will not open. Never actually opens, just crashes upon logging in.

I just sent a message into Support with the same issue. Can’t get past the login screen.

Same here - Pixel XL. Can’t login anywhere since it says I need to login via the app first. Looks like a recent update to the app is to blame based on the app reviews in the Google Play Store. The “login via app first” requirement is something they should probably reconsider…

I’m having the team investigate and will let you know what is found. Thank you for reporting.


In the meantime, app.rach.io should work until the engineers can identify the issue. Thank you for your patience.


Unfortunately, that doesn’t work for me either.

The team has identified the issue and will be pushing a fix out ASAP. This is affecting users on our legacy platform and is crashing on the migration of the account.


Not sure if there is a mass fix or if it needs to be one by one, but Support manually migrated my account over to the new platform and everything now works for me - both the Web App and device App! Thank you for the quick response.

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Confirming same experience as Estotlar, unable to login, Android app crashes and closes consistently. Trapped in a lockout purgatory. :frowning:

@jimbdev I will migrate your account, one sec…


You should be good to go on Android now.


You should be good to go now on the Android app.


You should be good to go on the Android app.


Working thanks!

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All good here. I appreciate the timely response. :smiley:

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Is this still an issue? My android app keeps crashing saying it can’t contact the server.