4 zone index valve controller stops after 4 minutes


I have an index valve with 4 zones and I have the zones setup to run for 30 minutes each. I have “pump start delay” selected and I have a 2 minute pause set between each zone. Unfortunately, the zones all show that they only ran for 4 minutes each. I have attached a picture of the wiring.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

I am not sure I have seen it hooked up that way, so not sure how it will work. Have you tried this way? Is the Rachio Controller compatible with an indexing valve?

@gene is kind of the resident index valve guru, but I’m with @Thomas_Lerman, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an index valve wired up like that. I would have no idea if that is causing the strange behavior.

Is this a new install, or has it been working correctly and recently started doing this?

A bit late to the party, but better late than never. It would be helpful to see a photo of your index valve. Specifically, the valve controlling it. It is very likely that your old system used a 110V valve, and it’s impedance is too high for a 24 volt controller to drive directly. 4 minutes is probably the time it took for the controller to register that something was wrong, though you should see an error or warning within the app (did you?).
You can avoid the wire jumpers you’ve setup by connecting the valve to C and M terminals. M terminal is active when ever one of the zones is active, thereby enabling 4 zones would activate it 4 times.

Again, please provide screnshots of your app (showing 4 minute runs), and your index valve. Thanks