4 way splitter with 4 Rachios?

I have a property with 2 acres. And although I’m not watering all 2 acres. I am trying to somewhat water at least 1 acre.

Currently I have a bunch of the Rainbird click in go sprinklers that you bury. It’s a pour man’s version of an inground sprinkler system until I can afford a real sprinkler system for my large property.

I like how simple it is to just move a hose and click it in and not have to move sprinklers around. But what I don’t like is I have a million of these things burried around my property.

I’m curious. In theory can I get a 4 way hose splitter and put a rachio in each split? I’d have 4 different rachios and 4 different hoses. Each going to a separate sprinkler all connected to a 4 way splitter?

In theory I’d like to do this to 2 different hose spickets and have the ability to have 8 total hoses already connected to 8 different sprinklers and they start going off early in the morning

Nothing saying you can’t, but by the time you buy 8 of the hose timers, why not just buy a controller and 8 $15 irrigation valves to plumb in…?