3e lights

installed 3e. Have a blue light and a yellow light. Have not added wifi to home. Is this the cause of the yellow light. Tried to water with manual setting. No irrigation comes on. because not wifi yet??
thx, Ron

Have you seen the Light Codes (Rachio 3) page? I really am not sure if you can or cannot manually water without any Wi-Fi.

Thomas, thx so much for the guide. I had not seen before even when i googled rachio light codes??? Very helpful and does mean, as I suspected, that there is no wife yet. Probably why I can not do manual. My renter is moving in on 8-1 so wife should be working by then. I will advise. thx, Ron

Consider yourself lucky. Wives are very expensive toys.

As explained in my response to you, my renter arrives 8-1 and has wifi install for that day. Ron