360° Rotors

I have been runnnig my Rachio for about 3 weeks and have seen great results on most of my lawn. The rotors that are doing a partial arc are nice and green, but my zones with a 360° overlapping is starting to brown out. I am running a flex schedule and it gives the same amount of time to both 360°overlapping areas and <360° areas.

Does anyone have any suggestions as how to resolve this?


You have a coverage issue. Check rotor head spacing first. Brown circles can also be a classic indicator of low pressure. What nozzles do you have installed? Part circles will typically have 1.5 or 2.0 gpm nozzles, while the full circles will have 3 or 4 gpm nozzles. Add up the number of heads running on each zone. What is your pipe size? Need a little more information.

@DakotaCounty, I tend to agree that it sounds like uneven coverage. When I ran a catch cup test on my system I was surprised at how poor my distribution uniformity was even though I have head-to-head coverage. You might try running a test and calculating the ratio of the average of the worst 25% of the catch cups to the overall average. This number is efficiency/distribution uniformity and if you enter it into the Advanced settings Rachio can compensate by watering a bit more.

In addition if your lawn is split into multiple zones then you could get even better granularity by entering separate precipitation rates and efficiency values on a per-zone basis.