.35 " of water applied per hour how to enter

My irrigation contractor has told me my system was originally designed to provide approximately .35” of water applied per hour of run time. I’m not sure how to get this information into the app correctly. Any thoughts.

Go to your zone…select nozzle. Select custom, select I’ll assume is a rotary, type in 0.35 for the percip.

Use this custom nozzle for your other zones as well.

If you need, I can take screen shots.

ok I did that but the run time for the flex is extremely long…

Here are the specs I’m using:

Werd. Your pr is insanely low. So yea it is going to take 2 hours to get almost .7 inches of water down.

Do you have rotary nozzles or are they spray?

The real question is, do you trust than pr info given to you?

Also, don’t hesitate to use the +/- button.

My zones are targeting .6-.8 inches per application so your numbers don’t seem way off to me, as long as the pr data you have is actually correct.


.35 in/hr does seem pretty low…@plainsane information seems more reasonable.

As a side note, with our new simpler schedules coming out with the 2.5 software release (very soon!) you will be able to adjust minutes exactly as you see fit based on our recommendations.

Do you have a rotary nozzle?

Yes this is expected behavior – the lower the precip rate, the longer the watering duration. To see how the different inputs affect your Flex schedules, please see the chart below.

If flex feels too hard to fine tune, I’d highly recommend using a fixed schedule until the new schedule option is available in 2.5.

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Thank you all very much for the quick response. I’m looking forward to trying out the new schedule with your new release. I have reached back out to my installer to confirm that .35" number. I also attached the type of heads we are using in our system since that was asked.

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hum, which model do you have? im starting to ge tthe feeling that pr rate is a touch low. @brkaus roughly how long do you run your rotary nozzles?

pro tip, the triangle and square icon indicate the head layout, but im getting a feeling that .35 is too low. that is just a feeling.

how many heads do you have in this zone you screen shot?

I’m currently using a PR of 0.50" on my rotary heads. Runtime is pretty short, I have my root depth as 3"… which, sadly, is the real root depth thanks to my builder. One truck of soil to cover the rocks and then sod…

I have the catch cups and will probably try to test a zone this weekend (or even perhaps today).


Ouch, brutal.

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Combined with 2x (or even 1x) per week watering restrictions is a recipe for success!


@plainsane that was a table for the whole system. Here is a shot of the zone I was testing out. (the blue one)

5 heads on that zone all 1.5 PGP Ultra.

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Wait wait. These are not the rotators, what gpm nozzle is in there, your or most likely needs to be 1 inch

Maybe even higher

The plan says 1.5 and I checked they are blue in color. so from the hunter table it looks like about 1.8 GPM… that would line up close to what I was told of .35 in/hr does that make sense i could be off here.

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Yea, I think you are good to go at .35