301 Access Denied on person/:id

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I’m just getting my new Rachio 3 setup and wanted to add it to my Home Assistant smart home. It calls /public/person/info, retrieves my logged in user ID, and then attempts to call /public/person/PERSON_ID to get further information about my account. But that second call gets a HTTP 401 response with a JSON body indicating Access Denied. I can reproduce this in Postman as well. I am retrieving my API Key from my account settings and the call into /public/person/info works just fine. What am I missing?

I was having the same issue. Do you have any of your zones’ vegetation types set to “Flower beds”? I found that when I change one of my zones to Flower beds, I get the Access denied message when calling any of the API calls.

That was it – I changed my Flower Bed zones to Shrubs or Perennials and the issue went away. Thanks!

Seems like a bug on Rachio’s end still. But glad I have a workaround.

Thanks for flagging this! We’ve identified the issue and we’ll pushing out a fix.

Any idea when the fix for this is coming?

This will be fixed soon. While I cannot give an exact date, I’m confident the fix will be released in the next couple of weeks. The team was able to get it into the current sprint and is actively engaging it right now.

I will update here in the thread once the fix has been rolled out.

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“current sprint” works for me! Thank you for the quick response and transparency @dane

I also ran into this today, and was guided here by a helpful support rep. Changing my zones from flower beds to shrubs fixed the 301 errors I was seeing previously.

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Hi @VACInc @jnewland @daveoley @decompiled

This should be resolved. Please let me know if you are still having issues.