3 hour Duration Limit

It appears that there is an upper limit of 3 hours duration for any zone. I had understood that long deep watering was desirable for trees, so with emitters I have been doing about 10 hours about every 2-3 weeks. A 3 hour limit seems like it would encourage shallow root structure. What am I missing?

Hi @garmanmd, thanks for reaching out.

Great question. Yes, the mobile app has a 3 hour watering duration limit as we had some user pocket watering their lawns. :cold_sweat:

However, on the web app, we do allow for durations up to 10 hours. Perfect for your trees!

To access, please visit our website > select log in (upper right hand corner):

Enter your credentials:

From the schedule screen (calendar), click on the schedule you’d like to edit:

Summary appears, select edit:

From the drop menu, select durations > override up to 10 hours.

Hope this helps.

Best, Emil