3 common wires - Hunter ICC

It looks like I have 3 Common wires on my hunter ICC. How do I connect it to my Rachio?

I know this is more information than you were asking, but I need to understand this to be able to answer you. If you want, you may skip my research to the bottom for the likely answer.

Looking at LIT-237.RevI (hunterindustries.com), it would appear as the following:

  1. Power module (white terminal block on the left, going top to bottom)
    1. C (p14-15, white) common for P/MV β€” connect to a C terminal
    2. P/MV (red) you must have a pump or master valve β€” Connect to P/MV terminal, need to configure within app
    3. SEN (p16, blue?, probably a Hunter Mini-Clik Rain Sensor) β€” for now, I would not connect sensor (maybe never), it does not connect the same on Rachio and Rachio’s weather usage works well
    4. SEN (white) β€” see previous
    5. TEST (no connection)
    6. REM (p17, blue) β€” do not connect, remote is app
    7. AC (white, yellow, yellow) β€” do not connect, use Rachio power
    8. AC (red, yellow, yellow) β€” do not connect, use Rachio power
    9. GND (p11, green w/yellow stripe) β€” do not connect
  2. Top Valve terminals (p9)
    1. C (light & dark green) β€” connect to a C terminal (can connect to same or different terminals as P/MV)
    2. 1 (yellow & red) β€” appears to be two valves, would suggest separating on Rachio (maybe 1 & 2)
    3. 2 (white) β€” Rachio 3
    4. 3 (dark blue) β€” Rachio 4
    5. 4 (yellow) β€” Rachio 5
    6. 5 (red) β€” Rachio 6
    7. 6 (white) β€” Rachio 7
    8. 7 (blue) β€” Rachio 8
    9. 8 (pink) β€” Rachio 9
  3. Bottom Valve terminals
    1. C (no connection)
    2. 9 (light blue) β€” Rachio 10
    3. 10 (purple) β€” Rachio 11
    4. 11 (brown) β€” Rachio 12
    5. 12 (light pink?) β€” Rachio 13
    6. 13 (gray) β€” Rachio 14
    7. 14 (orange) β€” Rachio 15
    8. 15 (black) β€” Rachio 16
    9. 16 (no connection)

Which wire to which zone does not really matter that much, although I would do it how it makes logical sense. With the two common wires and some colors repeated, I believe they are two separate cables, maybe one going to the front and the other going to the back (in other words, one set of boxes and the other set of boxes). I likely would keep the boxes grouped together in the Rachio and go in some kind of order that makes sense.

So, it seems you will want to connect all C wires to C terminals on Rachio. I personally would connect one to each terminal, but it does not matter if they are all on the same one as far as the electronics.

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@Sashner - on the 16 zone Rachio there are four (4) C(ommon) terminals, so it is possible to place one wire into one terminal and still have one terminal open. Another option is to get a short piece of wire and a wire nut. Wire nut the short piece of wire together with the existing three common wires and then connect the short piece of wire to the Rachio.

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