24v relay wires

After reading several articles, I don’t feel like I could find my answer lol

I have a pump start relay with two 24v wires. Where do these wires connect to? Should they be spliced into the common, or connected to the p/mv or both?!

Thank you!

@emil Any thoughts on this?

This is my wiring schematic for the relay, a standard orbit relay with 2 24v outputs, it this is any help.

What’s confusing is if you read step #5 on the relay instructions it seems like it’s saying to connect one 24v to the common and one to the p/mv. I’m completely lost lol

That is correct one to p/MV and one to common.

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Thank you, I will try that tomorrow and post my findings.Thanks!!

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Thanks @Sprinkle!

@dylanbeck2, step 5 is correct:

The wiring diagrams are my best friend :wink: …let’s break down your setup:

The controller outputs 24VAC, as such we want the 24VAC leads from the relay going to the controller:

We see these wires in your other community thread’s photos…

Note the 24Vac labels, which are spliced to a black and white wire that go out the top of your relay box…

However, I don’t see the black wire coming into your wallmount…

The white wire appears to match the thickness of your pump relay wire, but I believe the black wire you have connected comes from the multi-strand wire (unless the black wire is hiding behind the multi-strand, but the thickness appears to be thinner).

Is the black wire hiding somewhere? Did it get spliced into the multi-strand somewhere? I remember you mentioned one of the wires is spliced into the valve common then connected to the com (yellow) – do you have a photo of this by chance? We might want to consider un-splicing this to simplify the the possible wiring interference you’re seeing.

I hope this helps.

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@emil @franz @Sprinkle
Hello everyone, and thank you for your responses, it has been great help to me!

Well I have got further then I was a week ago, I rewired all of the valves, 24v wires coming from the relay to double check there were no loose connections.

When I begin to run a cycle, the Rachio atleast comes on now for longer then it did before.

I videoed what is happening when I begin a cycle at this link ( https://vid.me/EhuT ) Don’t mind my neighbors hammer sound in the background lol
I also uploaded my current wiring.

If you notice when I start a cycle, there is a small blue arc coming from the relay…is this normal?? I’m starting to narrow it down to either the relay or the power supply.

Thank you all SO much in advance.

@emil @franz @Sprinkle

It was a bad pump start relay the entire time!! Water is flowing now lol

Thanks for everyone’s help!!


@dylanbeck2, sorry I missed seeing the video on Monday. The pump relay was my next guess. Glad to hear you got it up and running! :smile:

Let us know if you encounter any other issues.