24V output to Pentair pool pump

I’ve got some extra zones on my gen 3 8 zone controller. I want to use zone 6 to tell my Pentair VS pool pump to switch to a higher rpm.

Bought the special cable for Pentair. It says just supply 5-30 V AC or DC. Well isn’t that what Rachio does?

I’ve seen other threads talk about this, but I’m still confused. Measuring voltage between common and zone 6 terminals I see 24 V with zone off. 28 V with zone on.

Or should I connect my 2 pump wires between zone 6 and 24V- terminal?

It works great.

For some reason this is normal to read 24V across C and a zone without any resistance. Has something to do with valve monitoring. Anyway used paper clips to measure voltage across zone with irrigation valve connected. 0V with zone off and 24ishV with zone on.

Then routed my new Pentair cable into enclosure. Added the B wire in common terminal and brown wire in zone 6. Now when I activate zone 6, the Pentair bumps up to 2800 rpm speed and pushes 50gpm. That’s enough for the heat pump to turn on and start chilling the water.

I put zone 6 in a schedule that runs for 4 hours at night and finishes before sunrise. More efficient to cool at night. Will be easy to switch this daytime when it’s required to heat.