24v ac stopped working

Hey - need some help as I’m baffled. I set up my pump with a pump relay switch to my Rachio 3 and everything has been working beautifully! That is until last week. For some reason my sprinklers stopped working. I checked everything and when the pump relay turned on the 2 out lines became hot (as they should) but only one of the 24v lines did and therefor no power to my pump. I thought maybe the relay had gone bad (even tho it’s basically new) so I switched it out and same thing! The power to the sprinkler manifolds comes on but no power to the pump. Any thoughts? I can’t figure it out as it was working great and nothing else changed.

I might be a little confused about when you say “2 out lines became hot”. I presume you have an Orbit or similar PSR that takes 24VAC to activate the replay and the other side of the relay allows the 120VAC to go to the pump. The pump should get activated when any zone is active if set up within the app. The wires that get hooked up to the PSR should be connected to the “P” terminal, which becomes hot, and the other wires goes to one of the “C” (common) terminals, which is similar to a ground. Back to my first sentence, the controller does not have “2 out lines” for the pump that I remember.

Funny enough - your confusion helped me clear up mine! I don’t think it’s the 24V that’s the problem. I was referring to the 2 lines out of the pump relay which send power to the pump. The relay is switching on and those 2 “out” lines are getting power which means somewhere between the pump relay and the pump the power is getting interrupted. I’m not sure the best way to troubleshoot that as that line is over 100ft and buried (where I don’t know bc it was done by the previous owners). It’s not going to be fun figuring that out - unless anyone here has any suggestions?

Ah, the output of the PSR to the pump. Across the two wires, it should be either about 120VAC (seems more likely) or 240VAC. If you are seeing power there (sounds likely), then I would check power to the pump. That should narrow it down quite a bit.

Yeah, that’s the issue - no power getting to the pump even when the relay is on. Glad I switched it out for nothing, haha. I should have thought it through a little more first. Anyone had luck using the “underground wire detector” things? I see some on Amazon for like $50 not sure if they’re any good or not.

Tried unsuccessfully a harbor freight one