24 zones?

Does Rachio provide a way to add an 8 zone to a 16 zone? I currently have 19 zones…how can I do this simply?

@danacprescott, take a peek at this support article and let us know if you have any questions.

Simple answer is NO. I have 24 zones and have been trying for 2 years trying to get things to work well and its a real hassle. There are constant scheduling conflicts due to my local watering requirements. There is hope that the V3 beta may include better support though.

That’s kind of what I thought…seems to me to be a logical next step…Thanks!

@control4reak, sorry to hear. Out of curiosity, what are the scheduling conflicts you’re experiencing?

Are 24 zones going to be supported any time soon (I have 22). Should I just go get a 24 zone BlueSpray instead? Getting tired of waiting for something that should be so simple with software.

@ScottK - I see that there are two choices right now - schedule around the issues (e.g. 2 Rachios, one on even days and one on odd days) or go with a different product. I don’t think there will be any confirmation about a Rachio supporting more that 16 zones on hardware or version 3 of the software linking multiple Gen 2 devices together to perform as a larger virtual device (a requested feature by others).

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