220V Power Adapter

I have an Iro and i have started using it in Dubai where the power voltage is 220V. I have at first been using the converter which is a bulky box but then i thought of buying a power adapter that is 220V and 24V and 1000MA. I found one at Amazon in the UK and ordered it but the challenge i see is that when using this one, the Iro doesn’t work properly and the main issue is that the pump starts but it doesn’t stop; it almost doesn’t have the power to stop the pump or send the signal.

Do yo have any ideas what is happening and how i can solve? any particular recommendation of a power adapter that is 220V which works properly with the Iro ? an online link where i can buy ?

Picture of the adapter which i’m facing problems as a reference for you.

@gustfuchs, thanks for reaching out. Do you know if your pump is running on AC or DC power?

I’ll do some digging to see if we know of any workarounds for you. Will be in touch.

@gustfuchs, I’m curious if these other community posts on 220V power might help?

I believe the power adaptor you have outputs DC; the Iro will need AC power to operate correctly. Could you confirm the make/model of the power adaptor? The details are a bit blurry in the photo :disappointed:

I just purchased the Rachio IRO and need to buy a power supply suitable for Australia (220v). I have found the bellow 24v 1Amp power adapter and was wondering if this would be suitable? Alternatively, is there a 220v power adapter that you recommend for use? And what power supply head should I be looking for?


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@emil or @alcornb Thoughts on this? Wondering what other customers have done…


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Thanks for your response @franz do you happen to know what the diameter of the power plug is? How whether 1A is sufficient, or whether it needs 1.3A?

Is this what you are looking for?

i haven’t found an answer yet. all the adapters that i bought off amazon.co.uk do not solve the issue and i’m still looking for a solution (using my big transformer so far). Franz is it possible that we get a formal recommendation from Rachio or even that you sell so we can have supply in 220v countries?

by the way, how about if we buy a 25v 2AMP or 3AMP adapter? will we burn the rachio or will that work? i mean, will use the required amp (1.3) but not destroy.

This is from our hardware guru @alcornb

The current rating is just a maximum that the supply can handle. As long as it’s rated for at least 1A, it should be fine. Also, be sure it is 24VAC (25VAC would be OK too) not DC. The one Simon found earlier in this thread looks good.


would this one http://www.ebay.com/itm/AC100-240V-DC-24V-12V-9V-5V-0-5A-4A-50-60Hz-Adapter-Power-Supply-Cord-Universal-/222005876444?var=&hash=item33b094d6dc:m:mC490gHiHcpkFJUfVG7yVPA work?

Hi Gustavo,
No, unfortunately that is a DC output. You are unlikely to find a 110 and 220V power supply with a 24VAC output. The reason that an AC/AC supply is essentially just a transformer in a case. This requires a different number of physical windings on the transformer to achieve the same output voltage at different input voltages. Almost certainly, if you find a 100 - 240VAC input supply, the output will be DC.

The adapter that Simon found earlier in this chain should work if it has the correct plug for you:


Sorry if I missed this in the thread, are you in the UK or Australia?


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If you’re in the UK, this one should work:

The UK supply is somewhat challenging to find with the right specs:( We haven’t tested with this supply, but based on the specs it should work.



I’m in the UAE which is the same format. i just bought it, once i install i will let you know. Thanks

How did you get on with this? Im in the same situation! How are you finding it in Australia by the way?

I purchased the adapter from the link in my first post - plugged the IRO in a few days ago and everything is working.


Thanks Simon, now to find somewhere which will ship the controller to Australia! :smirk:

which one? can you repost the link here please? i lost track

@gustfuchs, I think @sjbeeny was referring to this link: http://www.radioparts.com.au/product/33770200/ac2410-24vac-1amp-ac-power-supply-2.1mm-plug#.Vqb-dM_h2nM

@toucan, have you checked out Amazon yet? I’ve heard many international users have had good luck placing orders there…maybe even with drone delivery :wink:

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Hi, did this work for you?