2015-16 12,000 Gallons water saved!

I went back to ECCV (East Cherry Creek Valley Water Authority) to get my actual usage comparison from April-October 2015-2016. I was able to get it on the approved list last year for the rebate, and agreed with ECCV to monitor actual water used/saved. Here is the response I got back below. No other major changes in usage, so most if not all could be attributed to irrigation/watering.

“Attached are your 2015 / 2016 irrigation month usage reports. 2016 shows a drop of 12,000 gallons from 2015 and a savings of $127.45. Between the rebate and savings, it looks like the Rachio paid for itself! Thank you very much for the patience and for sharing your results. Thank you again for contacting us. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.”

My Year-to-Date Summary in Rachio app for 2016 shows, 68,160 gallons used/10,239 saved with total of 21 rain delays. This variance likely is my needing to further adjust/tune my “in/hour” on different heads. Not bad. I was skeptical, but this would be about right!

With the rebate on my 16 zone purchased and after rebate to bill applied, my unit paid for itself in YEAR ONE!

Thanks Rachio team! Let’s keep improving and making even better!



Thank you so much for sharing, these are the kind of success stories that make our day! :cheers:

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Love this feedback!


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