2 zones with same settings watering way differently

I have 2 zones watering 2 different sides of my lawn. They are both in the same schedule (flex daily) and have all the exact same settings including in the advanced section. One is watering 2:48 minutes and the other is watering 59 minutes. The 59 minute side is not looking well. The other side of the grass looks fine. Any ideas how to fix this?

Please post both of the zone setting and advanced settings. Also post schedule settings.

Here are screen shot of the offending zones. I haven’t knowingly adjusted or changed any of the watering time that I am aware of. I did change the advanced settings on the advice of someone in this forum to try and get it to water a bit more frequently and that appeared to work.

I did switch the grass type on both zones from winter to summer grass. I guess I can change the time in the zone watering durations but I was just wondering where it got off so badly between the 2 zones.

Also, I live in the heart of Phoenix, AZ. It is supposed to be 109 today. Does anyone have a recommendation on how much water I should be using on my bermuda?

I switched to the k-rain nozzles this winter (I do recommend them, I had bare spots which went away after those were installed) they are putting out just under .5inches/hour of water.

It looks as though it is watering one zone about every 4 to 5 days but the other zone about every 7 days. I’m wondering if I need to delete the zones and the schedule and start from scratch.

Recreating a schedule is usually safe given the original schedule didn’t have a custom duration set and the new one doesn’t either (ie if the original schedule was changed to greatly increase water and the new schedule uses the default watering times). Though if you don’t want to recreate it adjusting the water to match would also work to get those even.

As for why they are currently different, I’m just throwing out ideas here, do you know if you ever edited your schedule to run less or more for one of those zones and not the other? That could cause discrepancies like that if so.

I haven’t edited the run time for those. I feel like the run time changed when I changed from winter grass to summer. I am going to remove that schedule and recreate it and see what happens.