2 zones are running on different days from the rest, does that matter?

Not sure why, maybe because I’ve done some manual waterings while playing, testing, and adjusting, but this week my first 2 zones in the back yard (out of 7) have started running every other day while the rest of the system runs opposite days. I’m not sure if this matters or not, but with rotors it seems like I’d be better off running them all together. Is this of any concern? Is the system just trying to reduce daily run time perhaps? The settings for those 2 zones are the same as the rest of the zones.

Are you running Flex Daily? If so, it took the water those manual watering did into account. If you want to see it, you can look at the moisture details to see how much you put down, and how it changed the moisture levels on those zones.

Somebody who knows more than I about this may pipe in, but IMHO having them on different days shouldn’t matter – I have shadier zones in my schedule, and they run on a totally different pattern than the others. The only case you might care is if you have heavily overlapping zones and have had to do some compensation to take care of this (says the one who had to do this!)

And no, it’s not doing anything to reduce daily run time.

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