2 sprinkler systems

i have a separate sprinkler system for my front yard and for my back yard (I’m not sure why). They are each 6 zones. Each controlled by a Champion LC6. Can I control them with a single 16 zone Rachio?


@tompanderson‌ Are the current controllers in the same location, do you have access to the solenoid wires from one location?

they’re about 10’ apart and I think I could get them in one spot

@tompanderson‌ I would think as long as you can attach all of your solenoid wires to one controller you should be good to go! If you want to take pictures and send them to support@rach.io we’d be glad to review your wiring before purchase. Thanks and have a great day!

@tompanderson‌ I did this very thing. Except my front and back controllers were on opposite corners of the house. So, I bought 100’ of sprinkler wire and extended the wires from the front and back units to a central location where I just installed the 16 zone Iro.