2 sets of valves, 1 gen 3 controller

I have a 16 zone gen 3 controller. My property has two valve boxes, one in the frontyard (4 sprinkler valves) and one in the backyard (6 sprinkler valves). What’s the best way to wire this? Can I run one 6 valve wire to the front and one to the back? Can each set of valves use a different common terminal on the gen 3 or should I wire them together and insert one common only?

There should not be an issue with using two seperate cables. Having each connected to a seperate common is the best way to go, do not combine the cables if you don’t have to. Internally every common terminal on Rachio is interconnected, so having two wires each connected to seperate common would still, essentially, be interconnected.

Do you have any master valve(s)? If so, how many?