2 min for lawn?

I just created my first flex daily schedule, with only one zone (lawn). I noticed the watering time is only 2 min. Doesn’t look right. I wonder what I have done wrong. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Hmmm…based on those settings, I would expect this to run for 40 minutes or so…

You can manually adjust the run times in the watering duration. Have you ever poked around and manually adjusted those durations?

Thanks a lot for your confirmation that it was not correct. I don’t know what happened but that schedule was edited a lot before. So I deleted it and recreated one. Now it says 44min. Does it mean it will water lawn everyday for 44min? Sounds a lot to me.

Just saw the soil moisture level. I guess it will irrigate as needed. Will see how it goes. Thanks.

That is correct. It will water as needed. My precipitation rate is a little less than yours, and mine run for about 58 minutes, every 2-3 days.