2 improvement suggestions

I have a Rachio 3 controller. I have 2 suggestions:
I received my monthly usage report, but reporting hours is not as helpful as a report showing gallons per zone per month. Converting hours to gallons is a difficult task for each customer. Since you know the flow rate of each sprinkler head (based on the advanced setup) and the number of sprinklers in a zone, you could easily calculate the gallons used per month per zone.

Suggestion 2 : add an option to change the reporting cycle to set the start and end of your report to align with the days of my monthly water bill.

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It already can do that.
More - Account - Usage Units - Estimated Gallons

Biggest issue here is that like you mentioned, it calculates based on sprinkler PR and multiplies by area, but it is an ESTIMATE, and is rarely accurate. First, depending on how your yard is laid out, getting an accurate area could be difficult. Secondly, your sprinklers will never put down your set PR for every inch of yard area. Third, any and all sprinkler systems have leaks, even the most well designed/installed/maintained systems. Lastly, sprinklers are much easier to calculate an estimated usage. Drip is where the trouble really starts!

Thank you for pointing out that option to select gallons. I missed that. I have a good flow meter on my irrigation system that will tell me how many gallons each zone uses.
FYI, there is a set up option that allows you to draw the perimeter of each zone Roughly, and it will calculate the number of square feet for that zone.
I hope they can do something with my second suggestion which is to allow us to have the option to set the start and end date of the month to align with the dates of my City water bill.
Thanks again for your feedback

Also, Hunter produces charts that show the PR rate of each type of sprinkler head that they make. You just have to adjust the number to compensate for the volume control on the sprinkler head and the water pressure at your house.

All manufacturers produce those. While they are a good baseline (and something I always go to when people don’t know their system), they rarely match real world numbers when you compare them to a catch cup test. So many variables in spacing, overlap, pressure, etc…