2 Identical zones, 1 watered, 1 didn’t

Can’t figure out what happened here. Two identical zones in the same schedule. One watered on 5/21 and one didn’t. There are 3 zones in the schedule which starts at 9:30am. At that time, the rain sensor was activated. At 11:32am, the rain sensor deactivated, and zone 10 started. Three minutes later, zone 10 shows as completed for 63 minutes, even though I think it only went for 3 minutes. But the moisture chart thinks it was for all 63 minutes because it recorded .24 inches. Something seems wonky.

Zone 10, shows watering

Zone 9, identical, did not water

@Linn Since the rain sensor was deactivated 2 hours after start time, the schedule doesn’t restart from the beginning, it is suppressed while sensor is activated and then simply resumes. So all zones that were supposed to run during that suppression period will not run. I see a firmware defect (gen 1) here though. We should have only recorded 3 minutes of irrigation versus 63 for the tail end of zone 10, which caused the full depth of water to register. Thank you for pointing this out.