2 days raining and Rachio wants to irrigate


Do I have something wrong in my configuration? Yesterday we had .58in and today .23 and will continue raining and the controller already scheduled irrigation for tomorrow.

The soil moisture is already in 109%. I’m using Weather Intelligence +.



I’ll have the engineering team review your account.




Currently we check flex daily schedules at the 12 hour and 1 hour mark before the schedule is supposed to run. Your soil moisture graph correctly reflects the precipitation received today and your zones arent scheduled to run again for quite some time since they are at 100% soil moisture.

At the 12 hour check (I think 4PM) your calendar will be rebuilt. We are working on a more dynamic solution where the moisture graph always reflects the calendar. Sorry for the confusion.

Screenshot from 2018-05-13 08-29-58



@franz - When you say “at the 12” its basically 12 hours after the controller booted the first time? and 1 hours before the irrigation schedule? Sorry I’m just trying to understand how the schedule works. Thanks in advance.


At the 12 refers to 12 hours before the zone is scheduled to run


Cool. Thanks for the clarification.



This is why flex daily is so fun. Based on predicted precipitation you are not watering until 5/23.



Come on @franz you guys scare anyone with this :joy: Saving water :sweat_drops: and keeping the grass green is the final goal here :laughing: and of course learn and have fun with the Rachio team :+1: