2 common wires, 1 common slot

I currently have a Rain Bird controller and use 7 of the possible 9 stations. There are 2 harnesses with 2 common wires. Can I plug the 2 common wires into the 1 common slot if I buy your 8 station model? Thanks.

There are two common slots in the IRO controller and my understanding is that they are connected so that would work. I have three harnesses coming into my controller and I used terminal block to land all of the wires from the valves and tie together the commons. I then brought one common over into the IRO. I will post a picture later.

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I have not wired in the third harness yet but you get the idea. The common’s are tied together into one location using the yellow wire nut and only one common into the IRO is needed.

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@Jimbeaux, good morning, great question!

As @Tomzo mentioned, you can connect your two commons into one or both of our available common terminals. For reference, please see our wiring diagram (please note the 16 zone wall mount is pictured).

@Tomzo, we’d love to see a photo! We’ll add it to our office Wiring Wall of Fame!

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Here you go - not quite hall of fame worthy but made it a bit simpler for me to manage multiple harnesses.


Thanks to you both for the quick response and information. I’ve ordered the controller and it should arrive on Monday.

@Tomzo, this is awesome! May I use the photo in a support article?

@Jimbeaux, super! Thanks for your support.

Sure - but let me tidy it up a bit and take another shot and send it to you…

@Tomzo, sounds good! Looking forward to it.