2.7 Software Release

We are excited to announce our latest software release. The main focus for this release is our growing number of professional installers that has been asking for more device management features. Also, for you yard geeks you can now increase crop coefficient up to 150%.

New features

  • Improved device management
  • New sort options for shared controllers, including by distance and by name.
  • Search for controllers by owner name, device name, location, and status if over 5 shared devices.
  • Launch the location of a controller in a map.
  • Crop coefficient can now be increased to 150%

Various bug fixes.

Please also note that the entire development team is working on a massive update for next year that we think everyone will really enjoy. We have a large test group of yard geeks that are helping us define the new app flows, rebuilding calendaring from the ground up to support the most requested calendar features, and some other very very exciting things.

Stay tuned!

:cheers: :colorado:

Documentation on device management:


Thanks for the update,

Having trouble getting the moisture level graph to show up on iOS. Shows on web app just fine.

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Thanks, I have the development looking into this.


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Fixed, might have to logout/login for caching reasons.


Hey, the update to the app that was pushed out today is not “improved” for controller management. It is made worse.

I have two Gen 2 controllers due to the size of my yard. Before, selecting one of the other kinda sucked, but at least is was just two clicks (click on menu, select controller, wait on update). Now, a bunch of steps are required to switch controller: click on menu, (wait for response), click on controller, click on “switch to device”, (wait for update).

I would like to see a better way created to manage my two controllers, but this is definitely not it. Please fix this right away. The old way, while still clumsy, is much better than this.

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Hi @gschunk,

Thanks for the feedback. That makes a lot of sense and I’ll propose an update that removes the Device Details screen in your situation. We’re also working on some updates that I think will solve the real issue you have handling multiple controllers in the same location. Would you like to be a part of Yard Geeks user testing group? I believe we’re user testing some features that may be really useful to you.



I’m in agreement with @gschunk! I have a Gen 1 and Gen 2 on the same account and frequently have to click back and forth from one device to another and it is now much more tedious. An improvement to the amount of clicks would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes, it would be great to have some kind of consolidated view for the two controllers. If that is not practical, at least switching between them should be easier.

I would be interested to find out more about the testing group.

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I hope the most requested calendar feature is an option to ‘absolutely do not ever water between 10 AM and 6 PM on any day of the week’.

I don’t like having watering start time of 1 AM to ensure I never spill over past 10 AM.

Best regards,


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@a0128958 I was personally hoping it was the color coded drops for different schedules :wink:

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@gschunk I’ll DM you details.

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@brad Ditto on the extra steps in switching between controllers in a single yard.

And I would also be interested in the testing group.

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Awesome. Hunter charges a fortune for this same thing for their Hydra wise product. The only thing I like about hydra wise is the faceplate interface.

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I’d love to be part of the test group as well. I have 2 16 zone controllers and would love to test any future developments

+1 on consolidated view of 2 controllers and better integration.
And happy to be part of the testers group.