2.6 Beta wrap up - Release to App Store

Just wanted to let the community know the beta is going well (thanks for all your help!) and we are targeting a submission to the iOS app store in the next couple days. Very excited to re-introduce flex scheduling while also clearing up some other schedule confusion.

I’d also like to thank everyone that voiced their opinion on the last release when we removed flex as a schedule option. We’ve learned a lot through that experience and will continue to innovate with those lessons.

Tracking to app submission approvals, it should be available officially through the app store sometime next week. Android and the Webapp will be released the same day that iOS has been approved.

We are excited to get this release out and continue to work on exciting new features.



Quick question and this may have been asked.

Will we need to redo our current flex schedules in order to reap the benefits of the changes? Or will everything migrate into the new changes?

BTW, really excited for this!

No changes needed for flex if the schedules already exist.

I did release software last week that affects how flex schedules behave in regards to crop coefficient information. If you would like to be able to adjust your crop coefficient on a zone and have it change your flex schedule then all you need to do is recreate your flex schedule. If your flex has been working on fine and you don’t need that lever, than don’t worry about it :wink:

Thanx for bringing back flex, I just felt wan watered my yard using this method http://m.imgur.com/y8YmwGb?r


@plainsane Thanks for the laugh!


Franz, was there any change in Version 2.6 dealing with 'AS NEEDED "schedule and choosing ODD EVEN as a watering choice?

@RXman No, that will have to happen at a future date. We are rebuilding the calendaring model that runs on our firmware and it will be able to support that plus many, many more features. :wink:


How about a well rest? Is that coming yet?

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GREAT! Thanks so much. So far no water restrictions in my area and the “AS NEEDED” schedule is working perfectly! Can’t get over what a well engineered controller Rachio is! Wish I had heard about it sooner. Kudos to your team!


Any chance stop/end by times could make it into the calendaring model rebuild? The ability to set this +/- local SR/SS would be icing on the cake.

Yes, the way we are re-building it will really support any feature you could ever dream of regarding scheduling, and more.

No specific dates or exact features, but we have the right team in place now to really take this to the next level :wink:

It will take quite some time to build since there are gen 1/2 firmware versions, cloud infrastructure, and multiple clients, but my money is on our team to continue on the cutting edge.

:cheers: :colorado:

Franz, Thanks for the very rapid response:smiley:

Amazing to see a company actually listen to the consumer. The Rachio gets better daily due to this interaction. Thanks!!


I have another suggestion if it hasn’t already been suggested…I found a personal weather station close to my residence but the idea is long so when I look up the moisture info the rows are staggered. Horizontal viewing or other would be nice

Another feature I would like to see is for areas with water restrictions to have a start and stop time like my area. 6pm to 10am following day